Work At Home Options During CoronaVirus

Work at Home Options

Work at home options have become critical to many as the CoronaVirus global pandemic has caused monumental damage in regards to employment. Millions have lost their job and relief through government programs are available but some take time being bogged down in typical bureaucratic red tape.

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But there are options for those looking to find alternative employment including work from home jobs. A host of companies are offering jobs from home and many have minimal requirements. There are phone based jobs as well as those not requiring any phone time.

Work at Home Options List

Here is an initial list of work at home options. This is by no means an exhaustive list and I encourage you to do your own research. Many of these job options do ’employ’ workers as independent contractors and of course don’t provide any benefits. But with the current economic crisis any extra income will go a long way. There are still many unemployed persons awaiting ‘stimulus‘ and unemployment monies.

Of note also is that phone jobs in many cases require land lines and hardwired internet as well as specific computer systems. These may require you to upgrade and or install the right type of systems but usually these are not prohibitive.

According to Flexjobs here are some work at home options:







Kelly Services


Red Hat



This is just a small sampling and those unemployed persons who do have experience in specific fields can target certain industries. Also remember that there are a host of ‘freelance’ options in areas like transcription, translation, social media evaluation and others. For example, I have done social media and search engine evaluation with Appen Butler in the past and still receive notices from them about projects from time to time.

Full disclosure, the Appen link is a referral link because I have done work for them in the past. Please do your research and I hope you can find a good fit in any work from home jobs you might be interested in.

Work at Home Options With Your Own Business

One very important consideration everyone should explore is starting their own online business. Affiliate marketing or digital marketing can be extremely lucrative and avoids the huge investment costs associated with traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Starting your own online business is, in my opinion, an option you should seriously consider. Not only can you start your business for free in many cases but in a matter of months you can replace a good percentage of your previous income.

And with some minimal investment you can accelerate your business growth and soon will be able to ‘fire your boss’.

Take a look here at how you can start your online entrepreneurship journey to success and do it for FREE as well.

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Stay Safe Everyone!

David Brahim

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