WordPress Basics


Here are some WordPress basics for those of you who are new to the online business world. These are just a few basic stats and facts about the WordPress platform.

This post is not designed to instruct on how to use WordPress. You will find a series of video tutorials available for you to view if needed. Just click the button below to access those videos.

WordPress Basics

Building a website has become such an easy task that virtually anyone can sit in the comfort of their home and design and launch their very own website. Gone are the days requiring a knowledge of HTML and other computer coding languages. Pretty much every hosting company offers free website builders. Some are based on the WordPress platform while others use various website building software.

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is the most commonly used today. WP powers 30%+ of all websites in use today and that amounts to a 60% market share when it comes to open-source content management systems.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

To avoid some confusion for newbies there is a need to explain the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Essentially the “.org” option is the “free” resource part of the WordPress content management platform. A host of training and resources are available free to anyone looking to use and build an online presence utilizing WordPress.

WordPress.com, however, is the commercial for-profit blogging option of the WP system. WordPress.com provides for hosting, themes, add-ons, and plugins on their platform as opposed to the free WP.org platform where you are required to obtain specifically your own hosting. You can check out some great hosting deals here, Great Web Hosting Deals if you plan to use the free resources.

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Advantages of WordPress

  • Ease of use and easy to learn

The main reason WordPress has become the most popular CMS is that it is not beyond the average person’s ability to learn how to create a website. The ease of use takes away the intimidation factor for most novices. It doesn’t take long to figure out WordPress basics and create something that makes you feel accomplished.

  • Customizable and flexible

WordPress is not only easy to learn and use but it allows for loads of flexibility. The many features include a vast array of themes, plugins, widgets and more which means building a website to suit the specific needs of the creator.

  • Security

Being the most popular CMS on the planet results in being constantly targeted by hackers. The security is quite sufficient but developers are always waging a battle to stay ahead of unscrupulous individuals online. WordPress is consistently providing updates to address security and other issues which means most users encounter very few problems.

  • SEO Friendly

The actual code upon which WP is built makes it very SEO-friendly. And with a variety of plugins with SEO optimization WordPress works great with search engines.

  • Scaling Up is Easy

Most newbies start with very simple websites as they establish their online presence. For both business and personal sites there is a certain amount of growth that takes place over time. WordPress makes that a simple task because scaling up and adding content is easily accomplished.

  • The WordPress Family

A large online community providing support, resources and forums have been developed because of the many WordPress users globally. This is great for beginners because it’s not hard to find answers to questions as well as tips and strategies for WP usage.

  • Free, Free

Of course one main advantage to WordPress is that it’s FREE. Because it’s an open-source platform anyone, anywhere in the world can get online with their own website for FREE! Hey, nothing beats free.

I hope this has given you a brief introduction to some WordPress basics and some of the facts surrounding it. Click the banner below to create a free account and learn a lot more about the WordPress platform.

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