Wealthy Affiliate Review – Legit or Just Another Scam?

Wealthy Affiliate was created as an initiative in order to help others succeed as online entrepreneurs. Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim co-founded the website back in 2005. They designed it for affiliate marketers at all levels of experience. From my years of experience online I can state emphatically that WA is one of the best affiliate programs available.


I am not going to do an extensive review in this article because that can be found under the “Reviews” page. The essential features of Wealthy Affiliate are education, websites, hosting, domains, and community. These features ensure success online for those willing to learn and implement the valuable lessons available. WA also allows anyone to sign up for a FREE starter website account. This provides for one free website and enough training to begin a journey to online success.


The training available at WA is truly extensive. There is an A-Z when it comes to learning about affiliate marketing. I simply cannot recommend a better program that offers so much valuable information for practically next to nothing. Just by following the lessons one can become more knowledgeable than most people doing business online.

Hosting and Domains

The FREE starter account allows members to build one website at no cost. The only minimal cost is if the member decides to purchase their own domain. Building a WordPress site that can be optimized to start earning income is easy with the training that is available. It is simply a matter of taking the necessary action and the results will inevitably follow.


One of the unique aspects of Wealthy Affiliate is community involvement. Members are encouraged to support each other. In my experience, I have always been able to find answers simply by asking other members or searching in my back office. I very rarely have to resort to contacting support.


As I stated previously you can find a full review under my “Reviews” page but I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone desiring success online. It is undoubtedly one of the best affiliate programs on the internet. This is definitely NOT a scam but a solid and legitimate system to ensure success as an online entrepreneur. To take a look for yourself click here because starting for FREE means you have nothing to lose.

D. Brahim

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