Want Readers To Stop Ignoring Your Emails?


In this brief article I’ll share two methods that get readers to stop ignoring your emails.

Appearing different from a large crowd of other promotional emails in your prospect’s inbox is not a simple thing to do. There are tricks you can use such as using funny characters in your subject line, using subject lines that shock or using the latest catch phrase and so on.

But how do you go about getting recipients to become devoted readers of your emails?

Make Emails Interesting

Method one: Tell stories in your emails and interesting stories at that. And don’t just use “fake” stories but share your personal experiences as much as you can. If a story is not personal then let your stories resonate with readers so that they can relate.

There is this one marketer whose emails get gold marked by Gmail. He appears at least once a day, and I always read his emails, and that’s how Gmail knows to gold mark him. The sole reason I read this marketer’s emails is that he always makes my day with his stories. This marketer is interesting enough to get me to take a minute out of my busy schedule. As a reward for him making my day, I make sure to buy his products.

As a marketer, your day becomes exciting too because you are looking forward to telling your next story. Instead of doing more selling all day, you are now entertaining people. With a bit of creativity and personal touch, you will have a lot of fun doing it.

Suddenly you now get up excited as you think about the next story you will tell. Your daily routine becomes an adventure as you come up with the next possible story you can share with your list. As a bonus some of your stories can encourage individuals to be positive about life and their goals and ambitions. Your stories may also inspire and motivate others to take action to better their circumstances. Don’t forget that in your affiliate marketing business it is not just about making money but also about helping others.

Use Your Emails to Teach Others

Method two: Become a coach. Think of your recipients as your students and yourself as their teacher. Pick a subject you are passionate about and stick to it. If you are passionate about your topic then you will learn as much as you can about the topic. While teaching others you will be learning a lot yourself and this knowledge can be passed on to others to help them succeeed.

Next, build your list with people interested in your particular topic and only them, then teach them all you can about the subject. Give them a lot of details, be their coach first and they will hang on to all you have to say. If you provide valuable information they will always return for more. Keep them hungry for more.

This method will work well if you love the topic. Every website you visit will be an adventure to get more information and learn all you can. Selling will become easy as you will only be sharing knowledge with your students.

Include Incentives and Rewards

Bonus Method: Hide clues in your emails that lead to prizes and incentives. Imagine sending emails with clues that hold the keys to winning a valuable prize! The people who collect all the clues will get their prize online. This method will get your emails opened and read. All you have to do is ensure the niche is right one. If you are doing this in a gaming niche, it is a great technique.

Make sure your headlines reflect in some way the rewards and prizes within. This not so crazy method is a massive money maker. In the right hands, it’s a very potent tool.

D. Brahim

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