The Trials of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Trials

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The fundamental key to “internet marketing” is the word marketing. It’s all about marketing! Without it, there is no success! In my experience as an internet marketer, I can attest to encountering many trials and I am sure many others have as well.

For sure you want to have a good product or service, something that meets a need. And yes you will want to have an effective web presence. My advice here is to apply KISS, the ‘keep it super simple’ approach. A splashy website is not always effective. All of the above is great but without proper marketing, there will most likely be lots of frustration and very little income earned through your efforts.

I also started to discuss my favorite method in my marketing efforts, which are solo ads. But there are other methods and one should not be limited to just one approach. In other words, avoid the ‘all the eggs in one basket’ syndrome. One of the growing trends in internet marketing today is, of course, social media. Many internet marketers today are obtaining tremendous results employing social media strategies in their marketing efforts. We will address this in future posts but I wanted to deal with some of the challenges in the world of internet marketing.

You mean it’s going to be difficult?

Using the term trials in the title was not specifically referring to the difficulty or challenging aspect of internet marketing. Marketing online can be indeed challenging and frustrating if the marketer expects too much too soon and quits prematurely.

The use of the term trials was meant to convey not only some of the challenges but also the fact that in all advertising there is always a certain amount of trial and error involved. When one runs an ad or marketing campaign one must be able to track the performance and measure the results. This is why having a suite of internet marketing tools is of vital importance.

The Trial and Error in Internet Marketing

After building, for example, a landing page and running a solo ad it is of utmost importance to track how the campaign is converting. In other words, what percentage of clicks on your landing page turns into leads. Based on the results the ad may have to be tweaked. Another option is to use a different vendor. Changes may be needed several times before getting the kind of results desired.

The bottom line is that there are many variables but the ultimate goal is to maximize the results and achieve optimum value for the money spent on advertising. This simple example applies to all marketing strategies. If utilizing free advertising methods the best results possible is still the objective. Free methods usually mean a lot of investment in time and as they say, time is money.

There are trials involved in the internet marketing game and these trials take place in the marketing aspect of one’s business. Many times in the initial phase of online business there has to be a number of test campaigns completed before seeing decent results. I know many gurus try to sell you their ‘guaranteed to work’ method that they use in affiliate marketing but all they really do is provide some basic information about a specific method and the trial and error work still must be done to see good results.

So stay tuned as we continue to explore the world of internet marketing. If you haven’t yet checked out the programs I recommend than head over to the reviews section.

To Your Success Online,

David Brahim

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