The Laws of Online Marketing Business – Part 3

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The Laws Of Online Marketing Business (Part 3)

Previously we talked about the second set of laws of online marketing business. Knowing, respecting, and living the fundamental truths of life make your load much lighter and your overall journey much easier.

Each rule builds on the previous rule, and they all work hand-in-hand as a whole. I have included the previous 16 below to make sure you are on the right track. I would highly recommend that you go back and read the previous rules before proceeding forward. Either way, the 16 rules that have been discussed in advance of this final installment are below:

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Law #1: You are responsible for your own success.

Law #2: Identify Your Talent.

Law #3: Not improving= falling behind.

Law #4: Give to receive.

Law #5: Strive For Prefection.

Law #6: To succeed you MUST believe in yourself.

Law #7: Consistent Progress.

Law #8: Focus on your strengths.

Law #9: Embrace Challenges. 

Law #10: Examine Results Continually.

Law #11: Maximize Efficiency.

Law #12: Success leaves a trail.

Law #13: Soar Like an Eagle.

Law #14: Be Adaptable.

Law #15: Pinpoint Strength.

Law #16: Determine Your Destiny.

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Here is part 3 of the laws of online marketing.

Law #17: Do Not Fail To Act

Take decisive action consistently. More often than not a person will be scared of something and then fail to act because of their fear. Do not be afraid. Just act and act fast to get the fear out of your path. Just think, if someone says “defend yourself” vs. “attack!” Do you think you would behave differently? Of course you would. So do not be afraid to approach each new day with the same “attack” response. Get the new day and bend it to your will with your decisive actions.

Law #18: Improve Communication Skills

Improve your communication. Building relationships in your online marketing business is critical. Good communication is key. Just think about how crucial good communication skills are in every occupation. Being able to communicate and be understood with as little effort as possible is always the goal, and the only thing that is stopping this from happening is a lack of experience. Try joining a speech-oriented group or become involved with a group of writers. Mastering these skills are guaranteed to promote success no matter the circumstances.

Law #19: Improve Understanding

In the previous ‘law’ we mentioned relationship building and communication skille. Always strive to understand before acting. It is always hard to see where someone is coming from, but getting in the habit of trying to sympathize and empathize with a person before doing anything is a major key to success. Add this to your stellar ability to communicate, and you will be able to form some of the most powerful life-long bonds a human being can ask for.

Law #20: Outsourcing

Understand the ins and outs of your online marketing business and outsource the tedious tasks that are not worth your time. That might sound like an arrogant thing to say or think at first, but it honestly is the truth of the matter. If you are working all the time and taking care of the most minute things that others could easily be doing for you, then you are not able to harness your efforts and use them to look forward. Once you learn this, you can begin leaving the small tasks to others and pushing to be better. Before long the six figure goal becomes a seven-figure goal, and those smaller tasks become even smaller.

Law #21: Take Care of Yourself

Eat right & exercise often. What does this have to do with building my online marketing business you ask? Honestly some of the most successful men and women had and currently have eating disorders and health issues due to their food choice and lack of exercise. Imagine finally living the dream and making seven figures and then finding out that you have diabetes or an extremely dangerous heart condition that requires constant monitoring. What is even worse than that is being right on the verge of accomplishing a lifelong goal and being held back by avoidable health concerns. Just be proactive and pay attention to your health. It will shock you down the road with its amazing ROI.

Law #22: Think Then Spend

When it comes to making money the brain is actively involved. You have to make the right choices 24/7 to get the large paycheck. Now once you get the check do not shut the brain off and begin throwing money around like it grows on trees. Think about each investment, whether it be big or small and ask yourself if the money could be better spent. What good is success and money if it is tossed around all the time and mismanaged. Some people pay people to manage their money. I would not go that far. Just think before you spend.

Law #23: Build Valuable Relationships

Build relationships in your online marketing business along the way. This might be one of the most important because it is the rule that will lead to lifelong relationships. This is about networking rather than customer relationships. More importantly, when you build these relationships, you are establishing a type of safety net that will protect you when unimaginable things come out of nowhere and knock you off your successful path. It happens to everyone at some point and relationships are the only thing that can help you find your feet and continue on your path of success. This is once again a rule that seems to amaze everyone because the ROI ends up being unbelievable.

Law #24: Build a Strong Network

Build a group of like-minded success seekers. Each person always has their way of thanking those that helped them out along the way, and nobody ever stops and says “nobody ever helped me along the way.” It simply doesn’t happen because everyone needs someone to bounce ideas off of and even more important than that everyone needs a group of people they can come to with their biggest problems. This is why you must create a group of like-minded men and women that you trust and meet with them as much as possible. You can call it whatever you want, but remember the meetings are crucial for success. Meetings with these type of people are for ideas, fuel for success, and more importantly inspiration to keep pushing forward.

Law #25: Never Stop Learning

This is another rule that might sound cliche, but it is honestly a major component of success in any online marketing business. Always be looking for new information and never let a problem linger around and go unanswered. It is this type of behavior that leads to a negative mindset. You are either dying or living – your mind is either expanding, or it is shrinking.

Law #26: Step by Step

Start small and think big. This is so far down the list of rules because it should be common knowledge. However, it made the list because people continue to think too big and act too big, while also managing to abandon their vision of the future. Or in other words, when looking forward men and women are first unable to spot exactly what they want and then to make it worse they swing from one point to the next because they cannot handle adversity or failure. You must think and ponder what you want from life. What is your definition of success? After much deliberation, you should arrive at a complex answer that only you can wrap your head around. Once you are on track, you can begin acting accordingly. This is where the second mistake is often made. Do not immediately begin reaching for the stars. It is good to act and think big, but when the two are combined failure and sadness is brought into the equation. It is much better to have the ability to think big and be able to use restraint and act small. Step-by-step, a determined person, will gradually get closer to the goal and once you realize this, you will be much better off.

These were the final set of Laws of Online Marketing Business. I can guarantee you success if you closely read each and every rule and implement them into your life. Just keep in mind that these are big enough to fill an entire book. So in other words, take it slow and get comfortable with each point before progressing to the next. More importantly, once you have gone through each ‘law’ do not forget to revisit them and make sure you are following them as closely as you can. Success in your online marketing business is inevitable with these rules. There is no longer an excuse. Nothing is standing in your way.

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