The Laws of Online Marketing Business – Part 2

The Laws Of Online Marketing Business Part 2

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In our last article we began to discuss certain fundamental laws of online marketing business. We also highlighted that these applied in general to our daily lives. Once you begin respecting and living the “fundamental truths of life” your journey throughout life becomes much easier.

Last month we kicked off this series with the first 8 “Laws”. Each law or rule builds upon one another so you might want to go ahead and read last month’s rules before proceeding with the second set of rules.

Here is the 2nd installment of the fundamental laws of online marketing business and of life. As stated previously that statement might incorporate a little bit too much hyperbole, but you can be the judge of that.

Law #9: Embrace Challenges

Accept & embrace life’s most dark moments and keep pushing forward. Just think about daytime and nighttime. Nighttime can be thought of as the period of time when failure, rejection, and overall depression are all around you, while daytime can be thought of as the period of time when you are moving forward and making progress (succeeding and shining bright like the sun). There is just as much failure as success. They do not always follow an exact pattern as the sun, and the moon, but the point is still the same.

An essential part of accepting the previously mentioned realization is discovering your shortcomings. In sales, a key component of measuring success is assessing the closing ratio. Ten phone calls lead to 5 appointments. After landing those five appointments, you get one successful sale. So you have to hear nine No’s and only one Yes. That is just the reality of life.

Each No gets you closer to a Yes, and everything else is just a bonus. Remember, a person that does not fail never truly succeeds.

So essentially the mindset can be summed up as fail until you succeed. It does not sound too eloquent, but that is just the reality of the situation. Each failure is a stepping stone that catapults you closer to your dream.

Law #10: Examine Results in Your Online Marketing Business Continually

One goal in your online marketing business is that you should strive toward achieving tangible results. Just think about a potter and an accountant. The accountant almost certainly makes more money than the potter. However, the happiness level of the potter may far exceed the happiness of the accountant or marketer simply because the potter can see and feel the results of his efforts. The marketer must be able to do similarly.

DO SOMETHING. More importantly, make that something you do measurable. For example, blogs can be thought of in terms of pages, emails can be thought of in terms of people that responded, etc… Deriving a sense of satisfaction is not the specific goal, but it is the starting point for an individual that wishes to push forward and be successful.

You might be thinking that it’s ‘difficult to measure results accurately in my line of work’. That is a fact that many men and women learn to cope with by altering their philosophy. The best method for assessing success when the result can not be tangible is to create to-do lists. Each time something gets done on the list, it is considered a success. In addition marketing is a field where testing and retesting is essential. One must be willing to put in the work to measure results.

Law #11: Maximize Efficiency

Always strive for the most efficient method when it comes to decision making. This is perhaps the most difficult rule to abide by because it can truly test a person’s patience and overall character. For example, you have two clients that sent you lengthy emails about your website design. Rather than read both of the emails and send them both responses you decide to email them later. Three days later they get frustrated and send another email. You then have two angry clients, and you have to deal with a problem that could have been handled much earlier. 

Another scenario to think about is when you spend quite a lengthy amount of time researching an online marketing business opportunity. After a few hours, you decide to give up and tell yourself “I will do it later.” After a week you realize you need to look at that business opportunity. The only problem is that you have to re-examine the entire thing and spend even more of your time, which is already limited because you are always so busy.

Hopefully, these scenarios are allowing you to pull from your long-term memory and come up with some very notable examples where you could have dealt with a problem and made it much easier. The key is to learn how to deal with things immediately. Also, be able to come up with action-based plans for things that simply cannot be done immediately.

Law #12: Success and universal attributes.

Observational learning is something that everyone picks up as they experience life. However, very few people go beyond the “I do this to get this” mindset. That type of thinking is more step-oriented, which is certainly helpful. However, the individuals that pick up on the character and nature of the person succeeding at a particular task are the ones that can adapt and learn to implement that same nature to their task. Remember, “experience is the teacher of all things,” but the previously mentioned experiences (failing to become successful) can indeed be condensed if you learn the mindset for coping with failure.


Law #13: Soar Like the Eagle

Be an eagle. This rule is essentially a summary of the previously mentioned rules. However, it makes the ideology and daily philosophy much easier to remember and much easier to cope with. You must ask yourself “Do I want to be a turkey or do I want to be an eagle?” A turkey is an animal that roams the woods, looks for bits of food, and essentially copes with things in a very unorganized fashion. On the other hand, the eagle does not focus solely on one piece of land. The eagle has a vision and has the ability to remain in control. In addition to that, the eagle carefully waits for an opportunity to strike the enemy, while also measuring all the surroundings. After carefully assessing all the factors and committing to one particular attack, the eagle goes in, in an all-or-nothing manner.

Definitely strive to be the eagle. Stay focused, deal with issues as they arise, and do not let rejection get you down. Each no is a yes in disguise because the yes will be right around the corner. 

Law #14: Be Adaptable

Be aware of changes. Things change on a day-to-day basis all around the globe. This is particularly true for any type of online marketing business. For example, old businesses shut down while brand new businesses begin opening their doors and fulfilling their dreams. You do not have to watch the news every minute of every day, but you need to know the always changing interests of the population. Doing this will allow you to anticipate the shift.

Law #15: Pinpoint Strength

Pinpoint your talent. You must understand that you cannot do everything. You can certainly own three businesses. However, you must realize that you will need at least three different managers to help things run smoothly. In other words, if you are the individual that excels at research and provides helpful information to those interested in your niche do not try to also be the person that covers interviews, marketing, etc…

Think of the adage about the laser beam and the light bulb. Both use the same electricity, but only one (the laser beam) has the ability to “cut steel” simply because it focuses its energy.

A person can run five satisfactory businesses at the same time. However, the one truly exceptional business that comes from dedicating your time and efforts will undoubtedly produce the better results long-term.

In your online marketing business the focus should remain on a simple few opportunities that can provide multiple income sources. Many people get distracted because they attempt to ‘run’ too many opportunities at the same time.

Law #16: Determine Your Destiny

YOU are responsible for your own destiny. Just think about all the cliches and songs that talk about the future and being victimized by the unforeseeable future. Clearly, there are some instances where that is true. Most of the time this type of behavior is blown out of proportion.

Claiming to be a victim of the unforeseeable future or simply hoping that the future will allow you to become what you want to become magically is essentially like being a passive observer of your own life. You get the life you make. That means commitment, hard work, strategic planning, and a few bumps in the road. After all that you will be able to say that you truly created your own destiny.

As previously mentioned there are countless songs that express the attitudes of men and women that have been passive observers of their own life. What is even more disconcerting is the fact that there are movies that express the same idea. They say all you have to do is believe and you will somehow get what you want. That is just not true. Your destiny is the result of the actions you choose to make.

If you do not believe that your destiny is purely the result of your own actions, then try to get more people on your email list to buy your products by thinking, believing, and not sending them the link.

You are always presented with two choices. You can either be blessed as a result of your actions, or you can be cursed as a result of your inaction. Once again, it is truly your choice to make.

These are the 2nd set of ‘Laws’ of Online Marketing Business. In our next artcile we will go over part 3. As of right now you probably have your work cut out for you. You might want to focus on a rule a day and see how you can use these rules to positively impact your life.

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