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How Do I Solve The Internet Traffic Puzzle?

Internet Traffic

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Internet traffic is a difficult puzzle to solve for most. As stated in a previous posting the big, big “SECRET” to internet marketing is really no ‘secret’ at all. It’s all about marketing. And in internet marketing, that means traffic, traffic, and more traffic.

As one gets rolling in the online marketing industry one primary issue is internet traffic and that means two options, ‘free’ traffic and ‘paid’ traffic. But as the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. When it comes to traffic there are many avenues available in order to secure visitors to your site. I’ll just list a few here:

Solving the internet traffic puzzle

Internet traffic is indeed a puzzle that many find hard to solve. Many of the so-called internet marketing ‘gurus’ make a ton of money selling their courses on traffic because without traffic there is no making money online.

So while the masses are looking to find ‘gold’ the smart marketers are selling them the ‘picks’ and ‘shovels’ that everybody needs. One of the reasons so many fail to earn money online is because they are ‘digging’ everywhere trying to find the big strike. They end up spending a lot of their finances on the products the gurus are pushing. But a majority of online entrepreneurs get sucked into buying worthless traffic products and services. That is why I urge my clients and customers to STOP buying anything, at least for a while.

When I consult with clients my initial recommendation is that they utilize one or perhaps two affiliate programs with ‘products’ and/or ‘services’ that they can focus on which will build residual income. After establishing a decent residual income stream they can then start spreading their wings into a wider range of internet marketing opportunities. They then must set up a budget to cover program ‘fees’ and a specific amount to cover their marketing efforts. And that is where the traffic issue comes into the picture.

We will delve into the various areas of traffic in the next few weeks and will make solid recommendations as well. But if what you read here on my site makes sense, meaning you have been struggling online then check out the “Reviews” section for my recommended programs. You will not find a better starting point anywhere online.

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