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Solo ads are my preferred method when it comes to marketing my business and building my list. It is not the only means to solving the traffic puzzle but it’s definitely a favorite of mine. There are some basic principles one must keep in mind when it comes to solo ads and I will address some of those issues here.

Before you engage in solo ads marketing you must have some basic tools at your disposal. Companies set up their affiliate structure in different ways. Some companies ‘capture’ information from prospects but don’t allow you to  ‘own’ that lead. In this case, you would be very limited in your ability to follow-up with your contacts. Others have built-in tools whereby any list you build belongs to you. List building is essential to your online success.

Solo Ads Basic Tools

To build your own list you have to create landing pages, opt-in forms, possibly upsell pages, and a series of corresponding autoresponder follow-up messages. Owning your list means the ability to promote other products and services in the future.

As an example, Wealthy Affiliate provides me an affiliate landing page through which prospects can join. But the prospect information resides with the company. Referrals receive messages from the founders and a few from me which I create in my WA back-office. But that’s about it as far as my contacting them except for ‘chat’ messages. WA also has a strict policy against promoting outside opportunities.

You may ask then, ‘why bother with WA?’ Well, they have great training and a free starter account option and the system is focused on building your own affiliate website in a specific niche. But one can still build a list and promote WA as well. A landing page with an opt-in form that captures a lead storing it elsewhere then re-directing to WA is the method used. This accomplishes both goals of list building and promoting WA.

Sales Funnels

sales funnel including the basic components as mentioned above is required before beginning any solo ad campaign. Don’t be too worried if you don’t understand it all yet but stay with it and it will become clearer. Most companies that offer tools and resources also have extensive training with step by step instructions. It is not too difficult to create basic sales funnels with all the complementary features. Sales funnels can be structured in different ways and most will include upsells. You are probably familiar with this based on your experiences online.

It’s still about marketing

In all marketing, there is a certain amount of trial and error and so too with solo ads. There will be some tweaking and fine-tuning necessary when it comes to landing pages, follow-up messages, etc. And there is also a little bit of experimenting in order to discover good solo ad vendors.

My go-to source for solo ads is Wayne Crowe and his Traffic Dominators Network. My results with the TD Network has been fantastic. Wayne certainly has ‘buyers’ in his lists and the conversion rate is one of the best in the industry. I highly recommend the FREE List Building Training that he offers. Just click the banner below for the details.

List Building Banner 2

I also use Udimi. Don’t forget it’s not all about quantity but about quality. Udimi provides features with ratings and reviews on solo ad vendors which helps with selecting top quality providers. You want solo ad vendors that will help you grow your list and also deliver buyers.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Let me close by reiterating that Wealthy Affiliate provides tools and training specifically designed towards generating income in the framework of niche marketing online. It shows one how to create content in a niche and then how to promote it in order to make affiliate commissions. Of course, WA itself has a commission structure to its program and a substantial residual income can be realized.

Get your FREE starter account at Wealthy Affiliate today.

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To your success online,

David Brahim

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about.

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  1. More than ever, the idea of making money online has become very attractive to thousands, and everyone is feverishly trying to get in on the action. Sites like this one are well called for now. It’s especially useful because the creator has included great and real information and practical solutions to the path of engagement with online marketing and money-making; for example, linking to Wealth Affiliates as among efficient solution. I say thumbs up to this site, for the actual references.

    • Thanks, Sheree for the positive comment. I hope you will find my postings helpful. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions. I wish you all the success.


      D. Brahim

  2. David, this post is informational and very educating. I will adhere to you piece of advise concerning solo Ads.
    Solo Ads is very good, what about those that don’t have money to spear?

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