Selecting Perfect Domain Names

Domain Names

All the great domain names are already taken. Most people think this is the case but they would be wrong. It is still possible to get that particular domain name you want by exploring all the available possibilities. Remember, it’s important to choose your domain name wisely. Your name needs to be memorable, snappy and it must successfully communicate something about your business.

Because almost all top-level domains are not easy to get, here are some tips on how to get great domain names.

Use repeating sounds in domain names.

For instance: TeachTrialTechniques, TerrificTeachingTips, Coca-Cola, EasyBreezyPeasy, EasyEssays, etc.

Base your domain names on what your website is selling, servicing or blogging.

For instance, if your business is going to major on selling gluten-free products then a good URL will be or This is a good domain for many reasons including the fact that the name tells viewers what the site is about.

Use available keywords and then add a meaningful word to the end.

Such as…

  • Today
  • Now
  • Results
  • System
  • Formula
  • Tips
  • Fast
  • System

For example, one can choose to add a word and create a domain name such as LoseWeightFastTips, SimpleITSytems, GrowTallLookyoungToday, GetTrafficFast, EssayInstantResults among others.

Blend your phrase with something relevant in the middle of your keyword phrases to get a domain name.

For instance:

  • To
  • For
  • More
  • Of the
  • Of your

Examples: EasyWaysToGetEssays, GetMoreProductsToday, TipsForDummies, ToolsForBeginners

Or you can add something at the beginning of your keyword or phrases.

Such as:

  • Instant
  • Get
  • Immediate
  • Quick
  • Better
  • How to
  • Your
  • Discover
  • Learn
  • Ways
  • Working

Examples: WorkingSuccessTips, YourBestWayToMakeMillions, HowToBreedDogs, LearnEnglishRealFast.

These are just a few easy tips to help you secure your perfect domain name.

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D. Brahim

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