Quality Online Traffic is Targeted Traffic

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Quality Online Traffic

Solving the traffic puzzle means obtaining quality online traffic in your internet marketing efforts. The last post mentioned both free and paid traffic and stated the preference for the paid variety. This is because with paid traffic one is able to secure targeted traffic, meaning those looking for what is being marketed.

I wrote also that my favorite method in my internet marketing efforts is the use of solo ads. I love solos ads traffic precisely because it is targeted traffic and because I have had the best results with this approach. Relying on just one method of marketing online, however, is probably not a good idea. It would be best to combine several strategies to enhance whatever results you may experience with your particular chosen method.

The goal of any method is to capture high-quality traffic. This traffic turns into leads which will then have a high chance of turning into sales. That is what I mean by high quality.

The basic approach to quality online traffic

The normal approach in the industry as far as affiliate marketing is concerned is first, setting up a capture page. The capture page is designed to “capture” basic information, particularly a name and more importantly an email address. Upon submission of the information, the prospect is then redirected to a sales page of some sort.

This can be followed up by a series of upsells, downsells, and one-time offers (OTOs) that the prospect is invited to purchase. Concurrently the email address of the prospect is entered into an autoresponder to then receive follow-up email messages with other affiliate offers.

This is a very basic example where the elements of the capture page, sales page, and upsells would be termed a sales funnel. Sales funnels range from this simple example to more elaborate forms. They may include the upsells, OTOs, subscriptions, membership offers, and others. I know many out there are already familiar with some of this but I am offering this brief explanation for the benefit of some of the newbies.

The entire effort is focused on one goal, to turn the prospect from a lead to a buyer. Obviously, only a certain percentage will purchase but, by means of the capture page, an email customer list will grow and develop for future marketing efforts. This list is fundamental to success online. Remember that the stats show that many buyers become purchasers only after they have been ‘approached’ several times.

A variety of quality online traffic options

There are other types of quality online traffic methods besides solo ads utilized by internet marketers but the primary objective is to grow a list. Marketing to potential buyers through webinars, social media, search engines, etc are routinely used but I will focus on solo ads marketing initially before addressing several other methods to secure quality online traffic.

I won’t really be explaining in great detail all the various approaches when it comes to obtaining quality traffic. See my “Reviews” section for my highly recommended established program that I utilize to earn online income.  Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of training so there is no need for me to delve into the specifics of each marketing approach. Wealthy Affiliate has an option for a free starter account so anyone can actually get a taste of some tools, training, and resources for free.

David Brahim

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about.

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8 thoughts on “Quality Online Traffic is Targeted Traffic

  1. This is some fantastic information. I didn’t realize you could build a full time business on Wealthy Affiliste. This will be ideal for my son that was just forced into early retirement. He is looking for a home based business. Thank you very much.

    • Richard, thanks for your comment. If your son needs any assistance, tips, or suggestions please feel free to contact me at any point. He can of course start a free account at WA to see what it’s all about and get a feel for the training, tools, and resources. Thanks again, stay safe.
      David Brahim

  2. Hey,

    My site is quite new and getting very little organic traffic. And your article is just what l am searching for to get more quality online traffic. I have never try solo ads but do you think the quality of such traffic is good especially the subscribers. Well, l understand that you are using Udimi, how are their services? 

    I might want to give a try.

    Thank you for this great article.


    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment and question. According to WA rules, I won’t place links to any outside systems or programs but feel free to email me at netsuccess.drbrahim@gmail.com, with the subject line ‘solo ads’ or use social media links on my profile or website to reach FB to message me and I can point you in the right direction for your consideration. I believe that at least in my opinion WA is an opportunity for steady, long term growth as far as income generation but to obtain short term revenues there are other options which again I will be happy to discuss with you. Thanks again.

      David Brahim

    • Hey Chris, as I said, since your comment was through WA I’m a little careful about some of their rules. I am not sure how it all applies at times. I know private messages are not to be used for outside links but not sure on the comments side of things but this is on my site now. You can also see my other posting on solo ads entitled “To Solve The Online Traffic Puzzle You Absolutely Must Use This 1 Key”. Actually, because WA has a system that captures referrals and limits your contact with them based on the structure I promote WA but use my own capture pages. This allows me to build my own email list which I own and control. I recommend a program that you can access by clicking the banner below this comment section that indicates a FREE Training program for list building. I have used that for the best results with solo ads, although Udimi is great also. My first two weeks generated about $700 in income although the more important stat is my list grew by more than 1000 people quite quickly. You can also join the FB Group below to get help with the list building.
      Free List Building: https://www.waynecrowe.com/freelistbuildingcourse?affiliate_id=2464313
      Free FB Group: https://trafficdomination.rocks/facebook-redirect?affiliate_id=2464313

      If you have any questions feel free to contact me as I mentioned.
      David Brahim

        • No problem Chris. If I can be of any help let me know and if you want subscribe to my newsletter at the top of the home page on http://www.netsuccessnews.com and I’ll send you a $200 Hotel Savings Card and a chance to win a vacation voucher. There is no purchase obligation. I send out the newsletter once or twice a month so you won’t be bombarded by any messages. I hope my site can offer some advice. Take care and all the best of success to you.

          David Brahim

        • Hey Chris,

          I visited your site, looks good. I checked out your article on SEO toolkits comparisons and that’s great detail. Have you used the Jaaxy platform in WA? I see that SEMrush is your favoured kit, what kind of results have you gotten. I am revamping and updating most of my content and will put some emphasis on SEO going forward. Any suggestions? Btw, I tried to subscribe on the site but nothing happened, you might check it and let me know.

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