To Solve The Online Traffic Puzzle You Absolutely Must Use This 1 Key

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Online Traffic Puzzle

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As I continue exploring the online traffic puzzle in internet marketing I must point out one of the key pieces. In my previous article on traffic, I made reference to both free and paid traffic. Free, may be free but you do get what you pay for. But on the other hand, paid traffic can be just as frustrating, let me explain why.

First, let me start by giving a few examples of free traffic. You would have to consider if any are worth it at all when I give you my take on these types of approaches.

Some free methods include:

  • safelists
  • traffic exchanges
  • FB groups
  • banner exchanges
  • article writing
  • forums

There are others but these methods will help me illustrate a point. With most free traffic methods I would liken them to a flea market. There are tons of vendors trying to sell stuff.

In this analogy, if no one was allowed to enter the flea market and only vendors had access you can begin to see a problem. The vendors would only be trying to sell their goods to each other. That’s kinda how most free traffic works. What you have are marketers attempting to sell each other programs and systems and in many cases the same exact opportunities.

Quality traffic is targeted traffic

And this brings me to the point of this article. One of the key pieces in solving the online traffic puzzle is securing targeted traffic. That would be like allowing customers to enter the flea market from the outside who are looking for specific items. Of course, you can find companies offering you a million visitors to your site for $10 or some ridiculous sum but that is massive traffic that is a massive waste of your time and money. If no one wants what you are selling nobody is going to buy.

The best bet in terms of value for money is buying targeted traffic. In targeted traffic, the visitors are pre-qualified in a way that ensures they have some interest in whatever you are selling. This is done in various ways but in my favorite marketing approach, it is done through online surveys and ads.

Solo ads traffic

And this brings me to the method I primarily use for my internet marketing efforts. The method I predominantly employ is solo ads traffic. Most of my results have come as a result of running solo ads. The benefit to solo ads traffic is that you can ‘sell’ your offer to interested prospects. In doing so you will generate revenues in the short term but in addition, you will be building a customer list which you own.

They say that ‘the money is in the list’ and I do agree. Building a list is one of the essentials to becoming a successful internet marketer. The list you build becomes a valuable asset in your business. Many of the “gurus” can boast of large revenues precisely because they own lists totaling in the hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions.

In my next few postings in the online traffic puzzle series, I will take a look at solo ads. I will explain what they are and how they work and will make a few recommendations for vendors that I use. Stay tuned.

D. Brahim

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