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Many internet marketers struggle to generate revenue growth. But here are three quick and easy methods to increase your online marketing income.

Use Reviews to Increase Online Marketing Income

Reviews—honest ones—will add tremendous value to your affiliate marketing efforts and significantly boost your income, but you have to be prepared to actually use the products you’re reviewing in order to give viewers a review that will truly be beneficial.

In affiliate marketing, reputation is everything. If you tarnish your reputation by giving false reviews and the product ends up being sub-par, you will damage the trust you’ve managed to build and your sales will suffer.

However, if you provide real, honest reviews, readers are likely to come back again and again to find out what you think of other products in the genre, which will gradually help you increase your sales.

When you create reviews, don’t be afraid to list a few negative points about the product you’re promoting. If your review is 100% positive, your visitors will not be as likely to trust it. But if you include a few valid areas where the product might be lacking, it will make it easier for readers to trust you and your reviews.

Let’s say you’re reviewing a product in the internet marketing field and that product comes with an upsell that you feel should be part of the main product. This is something you could mention in the review, simply telling users the features of the upsell and how much it costs so they know to expect this.

Use Comparisons

Another type of review that could benefit users and increase your online marketing income is when you compare multiple products of the same type.

For example, different brands of smart TVs or different SEO guides.

Comparisons help users decide which product to purchase when there are several similar products to choose from, saving them money and hassles.

It helps visitors know which product provides all the features they are looking for at the best possible price.

When doing comparisons, you could either – just write several reviews on the same page, or you could create a comparison table that has several columns of important features with check marks that indicate which features each product has.

Then you could include the price of each product with a link to purchase.

Additionally, you could rank products from best to worse for value, based on which one has the best price compared to the number of features.

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Use Bonuses

Bonuses should always relate to the product you’re promoting. If you’re promoting a weight loss product that involves a low carb diet, don’t include smoothie recipes (unless they’re low carb) and don’t include pet care products. Make sure all your bonuses fit very well with the product being promoted.

You might even choose to create a bonus exclusively for promoting the product. For example, if you’re promoting a low carb diet system, you might create your own low carb cookbook to include as a bonus, especially if there are no recipes included with the product itself.

What this does is it adds value to the product you’re promoting, making it even more effective for the user. This makes them more likely to want to purchase the product, and more likely to buy through your affiliate link.

Never include a bunch of PLR or resale rights products without checking their quality. If you include products that aren’t top-notch, you will probably lose a customer for life and they might even ask for a refund of the original product.

I hope these three simple tips can help you increase your online marketing income in short order. Take care and all the best of success to you.

D. Brahim

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