Online Marketing – 5 Ways To Add $500 Weekly To Your Income

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Online Marketing Tips

If you are engaged in online marketing it’s always helpful to pay attention to suggestions and tips from more experienced marketers. I have 5 ways that you can use to earn an extra $500 each and every week.

1.        Cut down your online marketing costs.

If you are buying traffic as part of your online marketing efforts you should look for the highest converting traffic at the best price. Shop around and don’t hesitate to ask the right questions. Do your due diligence before purchasing any traffic. There are too many traffic sources to even count. A lot of them are useless garbage sources that may seem cheap but will be highly ineffective. Remember the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’.


2.        Increase your profit as sales increase.

There are times that you will want to establish a deeper working relationship with any vendors you work with. If you are bringing in more sales in specific campaigns with certain products or services you can request that the product owner increase commissions for you. It will cost you nothing to ask, and often, they will be reasonable and agree to your proposal and pay you more because they want a long-term collaboration with you.

3.        Get more traffic.

Online marketing is always about the need to keep increasing traffic and thus build an email list which in turn helps to increase your coverage. The more you increase the size of your list, the more exposure your promotions will get. Creating profitable funnels that can cater to instant commission offers and continue delivering value to your prospects while promoting more offers is of critical importance. You will then become a great online marketer and affiliate who is known to have high converting traffic, and this will help you negotiate even higher commissions.

4.        Boost your conversion rate.

Conversion rates are something you have minimum control over as an affiliate, but you can boost your sales by doing the following.

  • Test, test, test. Most online marketers don’t want to do the heavy listing of testing. To be honest most are too lazy and want get-rich-quick results. But testing ads, landing pages and other selling tools can increase dramatically your conversion rates.
  • Position yourself as a trusted expert in your respective niche. This way your readers will trust you and thus embrace your recommendations.
  • Pre-selling whereby you use your blog posts, pre-sell pages, and emails to pre-sell your readers before they land on the sales page. This method goes hand in hand with becoming an authoritative figure in your niche.

5.        Build your list.

Let me repeat this once again. Building your OWN list is of vital importance to any online marketing effort. If you are sending traffic directly to your affiliate offer you are missing out on large traffic you can earn from by building a list that you own. You need to create a squeeze page where you send your traffic before sending them to your affiliate offer. After building a list, work to build your trust with your list and continue recommending great products that you know will add value to your list.

If you don’t own a list, you need to start building one immediately. This is one important thing you can do to ensure you are not only making more money, but you are creating a stable, secure income stream.

Remember, product owners can change their offers or pull them down whenever they feel like. But when you have your own list, you can recommend great products anytime you feel like it.

David Brahim

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