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In this article I am going to take a look at the LiveGood network marketing business opportunity.

LiveGood is definitely getting attention from many experienced network marketers as well as those new to the industry.

I’ll take a brief look at this business although I will disclose that I am an affiliate of LiveGood and have been for the last few months. Therefore I will also share my journey with LiveGood so far.

What is LiveGood all about?

LiveGood exists in the health and wellness sphere. The company produces and promotes nutritional supplements. The product line consists of approximately 20 items at this point and includes a few limited time offers and bundled packages. Here are just a few of the items available at this time.

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The company stresses the fact that the supplements are manufactured from the highest quality organic ingredients and that smaller independent organic farms are the primary suppliers of these ingredients. LiveGood also boasts that the prices of the products are less than half that of similar items available at major retailers. In some cases they claim that the savings can be up to 70%.

Having done some research of several retailers and other mlm health and wellness companies I would submit that the prices at LiveGood do provide tremendous savings on these supplements.

Note: The formulation of the products are performed by the Director of Product Development, Ryan Goodkin. Ryan holds a “doctorate in pharmacy from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a degree in science and nutrition from Florida State University”.

LiveGood Business Opportunity

The LiveGood business opportunity is, according to the founders, shaking up the network marketing industry. I have to say that I agree. I am quite certain that I along with many of you have had experiences in the past with various network marketing companies. Some experiences probably good, some not so good.

So why would LiveGood be any different? The founders have changed up the structure in LiveGood as compared to other opportunities. Firstly, they have used a powerline where individuals can “take a FREE tour” and become pre-enrollees. They are placed in a verticle powerline when they take the tour.

Then all pre-enrollees have the option to upgrade before the next Thursday midnight update which is where the “matrix” structure now comes into play. It is a 2 x 15 matrix and anyone who upgrades gets placed in the matrix in the closest vacant position to the person who is their sponsor. But this also benefits you because of the spillover effect if that sponsor is part of your matrix.

Other differences compared to what you may be familiar with is the fact that there are NO mandatory product buys each month so you’re not saddled with expensive purchases each month.

Plus it is a quite affordable $49.95 to get started as a member and affiliate and only $9.95 per month to enjoy the member savings. This is a disctinct advantage for those who may not have much money to start a network marketing business.

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The LiveGood Compensation Plan

There are 6 ways to earn in LiveGood. I’ll mention all six but will highlight the primary methods.

  • Fast start weekly commissions of $25 when a direct referral upgrades. Paid out every Thursday.
  • Matrix residuals earned from anyone in your matrix whether through spillover of your direct efforts. These are paid first Thursday of each month but keep in mind this starts from the second month that the member is paid up for.
  • Matching bonuses of 50% from any of your direct referrals. This is a powerful piece of the earnings pie because you get paid 50% on what your referrals earn including their matrix earnings.
  • Retail commissions are from those customers that only buy at retail prices and not member prices and you receive a percentage of the difference.
  • Influencer bonuses are part of the retail volume that you generate if you choose to focus on enrolling primarily retail customers
  • Diamond bonus pool. This part of the rank advancement structure which also has an effect on the above ways to earn.

My LiveGood Conclusion

Although many people would submit that the commissions, both the fast start and the matrix commissions are not very big the thing to note is that making the start up and continuing memberships costs very affordable results in better retention of affiliates. Added to that is the fact that there are no required expensive monthly purchases. The attrition rate is therefore low and gives people time to grow their business.

The powerline and compensation structure are decent enough to help people grow an additional income stream although the growth of the matrix may take some time. In fact I would suggest that affiliates do not focus their promotions on the headlines like, “earn up to $2,047.50 per month without referring anyone”. That does not reflect the reality that spillover happens for different people at different rates.

The products are definitely of high quality and at great prices. But the offering for now, at least, is small but that will change over time. What is available currently can and does contribute to better health and may address specific issues such as cardiovascular health or perhaps joint health.

In conclusion I believe LiveGood presents an excellent opportunity for the average person to build an extra income avenue. The quality products have value and the compensation plan has enough payouts and incentives for affiliates to keep at it until they achieve their goals.

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Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about.

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