Lead Generation Guidelines for Affiliate Marketing

I am a strong believer and advocate of lead generation. I believe that it is one of the most powerful models for making money online. However, in order to succeed in this field, there are several basics to keep in mind.

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Be Specific

To increase magnetic attraction, you must consider very specific desires, interests, and needs of potential leads and customers. Each person has issues that are foremost in their minds at any given time. Try to imagine for a moment what an individual’s top ten list might be. To attract that person try to tap into their top ten list. The more specific and focused you are on their list, the deeper the connection you will build, and the more powerful the magnetic attraction will be.

Be Diverse To Be Stable and Grow Quickly

Be diverse in your business strategies if you want security and stability. Relying on one key person, one product, one client, one technology, or one skill, will make your business unstable and insecure. The more doors that are open to your leads, the faster your income goals will be realized. Not every door will generate an equal amount of income, but as long as they are generating a significant revenue stream then keep them open. Two doors are good, six are better but as long as the doors are sustaining themselves they should be kept open.

Go Evergreen

Products that have been sold for 3, 5, 7 and even 20 years with the same marketing strategy are called evergreen products. They are created one-time but are sold for years. In and out products, on the other hand, are sold for a short period, at most, one year.
In the case of in and out products, new products have to be identified every now and then. With evergreen products, however, one major investment is all that is required and that is why these are preferable to create a product that will sell for a long period rather than creating products with short-term returns.

Evergreen products may not generate more leads as in the case of in and out products but their return is still worthwhile in the long run. Having an evergreen product can be stress-relieving, lucrative, and liberating. Venturing into a lead generating business means stocking it with as many valuable evergreen products as you possibly can. If a certain strategy has a significant rate of return, invest in it and use it for as long as the earnings keep flowing.


Forget Fads, Focus on Facts

Use strategies, systems, and funnel tools that have proven to generate good ROI. The proof is in the figures of return on investment. If there is a significant rate of return then make it a long-term strategy. More systems can then be added in order to add as many leads as possible. Don’t be side-tracked by hyped-up fads and the so-called latest and hottest trends. Investments must be based on facts.

Focus on Diversity

Have as many avenues for lead generation as possible. Relying on one source of leads, maybe social media or Google will mean missing out on leads that could have been generated from other sources. This restricts income and when you rely on just a few lead sources, there is a danger of losses if an adverse scenario affects the source. That’s why diversifying lead sources is always a must.

Price, Profits, and Process Equals Power

Generating leads involves a measure of risk but those who risk big gain big rewards and achieve success rapidly. This requires products with high prices, huge profit margins, and a sophisticated marketing process. Incredible results are almost always achievable in this equation. The primary objective is doing due diligence on the ROI as stated previously.

Focus on Targeted Audience

You must know who your target audience, clientele, or market is if you are interested in generating leads. Identify the people who will enjoy and benefit from your services or products. Determine what type of leads you want to generate. If you focus on attracting any and everyone you will definitely fail. Having a specific audience that you focus on is crucial to success in lead generation.

ABLB Must Be Your Rule

Always Be List Building is a rule used in successful lead generation. Focus on the bigger picture of comprehensive lead generation and list building rather than short term achievements. Settling for small sales up front without expanding your list and tapping into it is leaving revenue unclaimed.

Don’t concentrate on just traffic. That’s a misleading statistic that on its own won’t add significant income. Instead, you should focus on building your list. Generating traffic for traffics sake if you can’t convert your traffic to LEADS means things are not right and a rethink is in order. Converting people (traffic) onto your lists, developing a relationship with them and inviting them to buy your other related products should be your ultimate goal in lead generation.

To Your Success,

D. Brahim


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