Is Making Money Online Real? – The First $50, $100, $200!

Making Money Online

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In the world of making money online and internet marketing getting that first sale or achieving that first $50 or $100 in revenues seems very far away for most people.

Actually, the reason this sometimes seems unreachable is really literally only a ‘matter of time’. What I mean is that many people who attempt to build an online business may have unreasonable expectations about how long it may take to generate a ‘substantial’ income.

We are accustomed to headlines that promise a windfall of $30k in 60 days and the like. And perhaps this may take place but usually, those results happen for individuals investing large sums towards their marketing efforts. In fact, most of the “gurus” highlight their earnings but rarely ever state their marketing expenses. For the average person, however, it may take a bit longer to realize any decent income.

Basic business principles

I maintain that making money online by establishing an internet-based business, just like any traditional business, operates on fundamental principles of expenses, revenues, profit margins, break-even points, etc, etc. The great advantage of starting an online business is that you can begin with as little as $10 or $20. You can budget $50 a month for ads and a minimal membership fee. There ain’t a whole lot of business options out there where that is possible.

As with any other business online entrepreneurs should make it a priority to develop basic business management skills and knowledge. They should employ fundamental accounting practices to keep track of their expenses and income. Doing this provides for a more profitable business and more earnings.

A recognition that business growth will require some time and effort will ensure that you don’t get frustrated and quit. In other words, be realistic and manage your expectations. Of course, if you have more capital to invest then results will happen more rapidly. But when it comes to time the clock keeps ticking away and we keep getting a little older each and every day.

Given the options of working my butt off for a company and seeing small incremental increases in wages for years to come or figuring out how to come up with an extra $200 per month to build a business online that potentially can realize an additional $1000-$5000 monthly income, well that isn’t much of a choice.

Honest approach

Look, I’m not trying to say that making money online is difficult and in fact, most of the gurus will say that I’m shooting myself in the foot for being ‘too’ realistic. But I would rather be forthright with folks and let them know what the real deal is in order to build a trust relationship with them for the long term. I don’t want to just push products that don’t have a certain measure of value just to make a buck. My conscience won’t allow for that in the least.

And that is why this site is about being honest and making the best recommendations that I can possibly make. I may not always get it right but I’ll try my very best to offer you the best guidance and advice possible.

The question for you becomes whether or not you are willing to take your own journey to success online. If the answer is yes I will be more than willing and able to help you in any way I can. But getting to the finish line is all about determination and perseverance. Do not for one moment think you can achieve success in making money online with a hit and miss approach. If you think you’ll try out the latest ‘buzz’ product and make it big then your thinking needs to change.

If you are ready, willing and able I invite you to start your journey by clicking the link below.

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To Your Success,

David Brahim

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