The Truth About The Internet Entrepreneur – Count the Cost!

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Becoming an internet entrepreneur requires what I call ‘counting the cost’. I recall a Bible passage where Jesus asks the crowd whether a person wishing to put up a building would not first determine what is needed to complete it. I’m paraphrasing but he then states that if the person just builds a foundation and then learns that they cannot finish the project they would be mocked and laughed at.

The Internet Entrepreneur and Success

I made reference to the scriptural passage above because establishing an online business is no different. If someone hops from one opportunity to the next looking for a quick fix they probably won’t find it and they would lose a lot of money trying. They will probably never become a successful internet entrepreneur.

Having learned from my own experiences I know that, although it may happen once in a while, the odds are totally against get-rich-quick success. There are lots of persons on the net trying to convince you that if you purchase their product or their service then success is guaranteed. The reality is that it’s not quite that simple. Not at all! The internet entrepreneur must be willing to devote time, expend energy, and invest money to ensure success.

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Here is a tip about those income disclaimers you see on most affiliate marketing sites. The ‘gurus’ only make income disclaimers because legally they must. 

Let’s be honest, you don’t know me. You don’t know if I live in a run-down apartment or share a house because I can’t afford anything better. You really don’t know if I am a successful internet entrepreneur or not. And you have no way of determining that.

I refuse to use props like screenshots of Paypal payments or pictures of myself leaning on a rented Ferrari in front of a mansion. With all the photoshop and imaging programs out there anybody can do that. What I can tell you is that as an internet entrepreneur I have lost some money and I have made some money.

Indeed I’m on my way to earning a full-time, retirement style income. But it took several years, a learning period, and some financial investment. I started this site so that others who dream success online can ‘shortcut’ the process and avoid most of the pitfalls.

Essential Requirements

As far as counting the cost the only way to be successful is to realize it takes time, effort and money. If a person won’t invest those ingredients then they may as well stop trying to do business online. If an individual won’t devote a few hours a week learning about internet marketing or investing $100-$200 each month into their business then this is not for them. In fact, they won’t be successful in any type of business venture because all businesses are based on the same fundamental principles.

If a person finds excuses as to why they won’t succeed and not reasons why they will they should just forget this opportunity. For those willing to do what it takes they will discover that all things are possible. They will get closer than ever to achieving their dreams. Never give up, never quit. Success is a guarantee only if you persevere. With the right attitude, anyone can succeed. Find the time, the finances and the drive to make it online. I’m here to assist. I can’t guarantee anyone’s success but I will do all I possibly can to help others succeed online.

Solo Build It!

So come along on the journey and I look forward to your success online.

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