My Online Story

As much as I would like you to dive into the content here at I feel a duty to make you aware of certain realities about the internet and the affiliate marketing world.

The internet has transformed how people do business and most brick and mortar establishments have a web presence as a source of information as well as for ordering products and services. If you think about it for a moment the average person today does not make a purchase without accessing information online about quality, price, and availability. It has become the norm when one is shopping for an item. We recognize that Amazon has become a ‘go to’ when it comes to shopping for most anything these days.

I have said all the above to say this. The internet not only allows the average person to shop and source information but it also allows the average person an opportunity to earn a substantial income. This is where the online marketing industry comes in.

I don’t know what your experience is when it comes to making money online but I can be assured that you have been marketed to by individuals and companies selling you an opportunity to make money online. There are literally millions of ‘biz opps’ out there in cyberspace. But not all opportunities are created equal. And like me, you may have learned that the hard way.

It is most difficult to find solid and legitimate ‘biz opps’ on the net. You may have, like me, spent hundreds maybe even thousands trying to find that gem in the rough. It isn’t easy, I know, I’ve tried. In fact, I have been online for several years and for most of that time, until recently, I spent money but made very little in return. Yes, I bought all kinds of systems and programs from the latest ‘gurus’ but saw little to no success.

I then decided to quit. I quit this whole internet marketing garbage scam stuff. I had had enough and lost enough money. So I was out of it for a few years but knawing at me inside was the feeling that this is for real. Real people are making real money online. If they can do it why can’t I? I am not stupid, not lacking intelligence, there has to be a way. So just a couple of years ago I jumped back in to the ‘cauldron’ of online and affiliate marketing. I was now determined to avoid past mistakes, learn from those mistakes and above all I was not going to quit.

That is how this site was born. I decided I had to provide reliable and honest information to the millions out there who were trying hard to make money online but just could not seem to find the right opportunities and the right training and resources.

So now, having read this intro, go ahead and browse around to see what there is on offer. This is to inform and to educate you, hopefully before you make financial decisions about your future online. Feel free to provide feedback and get signed up for alerts on future postings and articles. You will not be bombarded with all kinds of hyped up promotions. What is promoted here is carefully considered and you will be afforded as much value as possible with the information provided. Yes, there are reviews and recommendations but only to programs that earn income or provide excellent value for money. You will also discover lots of  ‘free’ stuff to help you in your quest for internet success.

So welcome to and I hope you find your visits to this site rewarding and helpful.


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