Is Email List Building Essential For Success Online?

email list building

Seven methods for email list building:

Email list building is one of the essential strategies that anyone looking to succeed online must engage in. Your website should already have a “sign-up” form to build your email list. But are you truly doing everything in your power to get as many subscribers as possible? If not here are a few tips to help you succeed in email list building.

The following 7 tactics will grow your list faster with just minimal effort…

Sign-up options everywhere

Put a sign-up form in as many places as possible to enhance you email list building efforts. It would be preferable for you to put it on every page. Remember, you can also put it in the header or footer. You can use various types of sign-up forms such as a regular form, pop-up subscription form or other.

Make sign-up forms attractive

Get the attention of your site visitors, potential leads and customers ASAP. Your opt-in form should make use of very prominent features (background color, bold colors, maybe even animation. The “sign-up” should be without a doubt eye-catching and visible.

Pop-ups are effective

Let pop-ups work their magic. You may like pop-ups, or you may want them all to go away. Either way, the unambiguous facts show that THEY WORK when engaged in email list building. However, there is an art to using them. You should not have them pop-up immediately upon visiting a page, and you should test whether or not they should be utilized when a visitor is leaving or when a visitor has been on a page for a set period of time. You must strike a delicate balance between irritation and curiosity. Immediate pop-ups irritate, while delayed pop-ups generally encourage more interest.

Always be selling

Sell, sell, sell! When asking them to subscribe do not simply ask them. BRIBE THEM. This means that you must give them something that they would otherwise be paying for. That almost guarantees an immediate subscription. There are a variety of incentives you can offer including FREE reports, bonuses and giveaways. Click on banner below for details about a system I use to provide entertainment and travel incentives.

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Encourage referrals

Remember that all your visitors have family and friends. The incentives that you offer can be tied to having your website visitors provide referrals. Put out offers, which encourage visitors to send stuff to their friends or colleagues. In addition to that, always make sure that you incorporate an easy sign-up system.

Social media and email list building

Make use of social media in your email list building. This could have been a little higher on the list simply because social media plays such a huge role, but the point is still the same. Include a sign-up form on your Facebook page, offer rewards, craft contests, and do whatever you feel is necessary. Remember, the GOAL (getting them to sign-up).

Joint efforts

There is value to cross promotions. You can promote between your own product lines or another marketer. Just make sure you send emails offering people great incentives for becoming a part of the other list. Work with other marketers and implement win-win offers to building your email list and help others enhance their efforts as well.

These are just a few tips on email list building. As I said it is essential for success online. There are those who suggest that email list building is dead and useless but I beg to differ. It is, in my opinion, one of the critical aspects of success in affiliate marketing.

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To Your Success Online,

D. Brahim

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