Email List Building – Critical to Success Online

Email List Building

email list building

Email list building is one component vital to success online.  I’m sure you have heard the phrase ‘the money is in the list’ on countless occasions. Most likely you’re on a multitude of lists yourself. No matter what type of internet marketing you’re engaged in it is essential to build an email list because it becomes an asset in your business that you own and control.

The number one thing that nearly every successful online entrepreneur has going for them is that they have an email list. This list of subscribers that opted in to receive more information, gain access to free training, or recently bought something is a valuable piece of ‘real estate’ within the internet marketing landscape.

Even with the rise of social media engagement, email marketing is still a powerful tool. It is certainly not dead as some have declared. Major companies still credit a large percentage of their sales directly to email marketing.


Essential ingredients

In the past, we discussed essential ingredients needed to build your online business. For instance, we mentioned targeted traffic, solo ads, niche marketing, and other topics. In the next few articles, we will focus on email list building. Of course, you will need some of the features we talked about, such as landing pages, autoresponders, follow-up messages, and other components.

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Once you have built the foundation then the task becomes one of growing your subscriber base. We will turn our attention to that important strategy. The goal at the end of the series is for the reader to be fully prepared to implement list building strategies to grow a dynamic and financially fruitful email list. So stay tuned as we help you on your journey to success.

D. Brahim

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